Day 13: Peace

That’s what I’m experiencing right now.

  • My living space is shaping up quite nicely.
  • Finally had a meal with the family I’m living with. I’ve been so scattered.
  • Sage has great football coaches and had a good week in practice.
  • All the kids are quiet. Granted, they are being entertained by Netflix, but at least I have a break.
  • The kitchen is clean.
  • My dog spent the entire day playing with the other dog and is all tuckered out on my floor.
  • I get to go to a birthday breakfast with my Tracy & Traci tomorrow morning.
  • It feels like Friday.
I haven’t much to say for today. I want to write. I want to talk. When I do, the words are forced and there isn’t much meaning behind them. I’m just filling empty space.
What will tomorrow bring?


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