This is what greets me each morning. The picture simply doesn’t do it justice. I wake up while it is still dark so that I can watch the changing colors of the landscape as night gives way to day…I guess that would be called ‘Dawn’. I missed the actual moment that I had actually wanted to capture, though. I had to get my camera out of the bag and get a bit more dressed. It wasn’t as bad as Ree over at Pioneer Woman, though. I laughed out loud when I read her adventure of running outside to capture a sunrise! Please take a moment to read it, you also will laugh.

So, today is the first month of the best month of the year. Really it is. According to my calendar it is the first of October. What kinds of goodness awaits me? We’ll head out to the pumpkin patch eventually. We did skip it last year, but we had over 20 pumpkins growing in our yard! I’ll probably go on a church retreat with Open Door church. That should be fun. Oh, and I’ll be turning 34. I’m wondering when I’ll feel grown up. Any ideas, people?

Also, there is this great little challenge going on the scrapbooking realm. Go to Stacy Julian’s blog for a list of other bloggers who are doing this project and a chance to win the mini-album. By the way, I just want to remind everyone that Stacy is my new BFF even though she hasn’t commented on my new blog yet. She commented twice on my other blog. She’s a busy woman, she was in South Africa recently taking pictures of wild lions! Anyway, the challenge is all about taking 10-12 pictures that give an idea of what your life is right now. One of the pictures is supposed to have you in it. I don’t have many pictures of me, but I’m sure I can come up with one….I’ll most likely be the one holding the camera, though.

I am supposed to start homeschool next Monday. Yes, I know. It is far later than most people. I feel guilty for that. I’ll make it up by homeschooling through Christmas and Summer. Well, I probably won’t. I am feeling a little anxious about it, actually. I feel that I am not up to it. I know that it’s because I didn’t do work over the summer and now I’m editing photos like a madwoman. My house is still in the middle of being rearranged and organized. [Read that as: My house is a terrible mess!] However, Kelly moved his car out of the garage so I can start putting our Goodwill pile out there and not in various places around the house. We can also clean up the bikes and stuff from around the outside of the house.

Dusty is sick today. She’s thrown up twice. I’m not thrilled with the idea of her lying in my bed right now. Out of all the kids, she is the easiest sick kid. That’s a bonus.

Dusty-on her 9th birthday
Dusty-on her 9th birthday