I’m not exactly sure how the week can go by so quickly. I have so many things I wanted to accomplish that didn’t get done! I’ve pretty much had a headache the entire week. The two times I’ve asked someone to pray the headache lessened. Sage and Ireland also got sick the same day Dusty did. Ireland threw up when I was gone and Christopher had to take care of it. I felt pretty bad about that.

I’m supposed to go scrapbooking tonight. I am SO not prepared. My friend, Charity, is playing at Cornerstone and I’d like to get some pictures of her so I might go back and forth. I have so many photos to do that I may not scrapbook, but continue to edit. That’s being creative, right?

I had the intention of this being a great blog post, but I think I’ll just leave it how it is. I have much to accomplish. I must get a huge knot out of Ireland’s hair so that when we go out in public we don’t all look like ragamuffins.

Please go read The Kingdom. I hope it impacts you as it did me. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about it before offering mine.

Check out the video. I’ve been into Kirk Franklin this week. His last 2 albums are phenomenal and I can’t believe I waited so long to get them.