That’s right! I’m finally starting school with my kids. Last year I had each of them draw a self portrait. You can read about last year’s project here. I’m thinking that I’ll throw my insecurities to the wind and try doing one of me, too. I really am not artistic, but I have all the materials I need so I should use it up.

I’m not completely ready to start school, but I’ve got some ideas to try out. We went to the library today after church and checked out a bunch of books. Last time we did history we were in learning about Colonial America so I checked out children’s books on that. I think we’ll finally make our corn husk dolls and ‘coon skin hats that I bought to do last year. I’m also going to give each child a journal to write or draw in each day. I love journaling and think everyone should do it. Besides that, the kids are always asking me if they can have one of my blank journals. I got them for free, I shouldn’t be so selfish about them! Anyway, I know my kids won’t be ready to delve into their math books from last year so we’ll ease into that by playing games, counting, and reading. I’m going to have Christopher and Dusty read to the younger ones more. It will be good to get into a routine again. It’ll also be difficult to get into one.

Oh man, I am so exhausted. There is always so much I want to share, but I just can’t!