It is a beautiful fall day here in the Pacific Northwest. I love love love autumn. I can’t get enough of it. I can’t take enough pictures and I’m sure I’ve written about it before. I really must scan in the negatives from my Maine trip four years ago. That’s where my heart is right now. I’ve probably said that before, too. I am sitting here in my quiet home thinking about the past few years. It’s quiet because the kids are out on a walk. Uh, I see they are on their way back- they’ve only been gone a few minutes. Oh well.

I’d like to invite you on a little journey. It starts back in the fall of 2005, when I had only 1 child.

Pardon the missing pictures in the blog posts. I probably forgot that I had blogged them at one point.

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First up, I talk of my love of traditional Thanksgiving food and chasing turkeys! The turkeys have reappeared, but I only notice them when the kids are napping or I’m on my way out the door. I think they know my schedule. Maybe they’re even watching me! Not long after that I find that my life will never be the same. God provided for our growing family. He does that, you know. I am amazed by all He has done for me. Next up was Nutcracker. Last year he wore the same costume that is in the picture. He had a difficult time taking it off and he’s grown so much in the last year that I’m sure he’ll need a new one this year. Christopher is about to embark on his 6th Nutcracker. I hosted Christmas with Kelly’s family and then had a huge game day the day after. I wonder what I was thinking, the kids were coming home 5 days after Christmas. Here’s what I was feeling the day before they joined us. I have to say that I often feel like that still. Leading them to Jesus has been a great adventure. I remember the first time Ireland prayed for me. My heart melted. My children all pray for me without a second thought.

I’ll leave you with just one more memory. I am only now beginning to find out who the real Me is. I feel like something is being unleashed.

It is good to look back at the goodness of the Lord. I remember thinking that I would never survive the early days of having 4 children. I would often be found sitting on my couch bawling. I was overwhelmed and sleep-deprived. It is also good to reflect on how full of grace Kelly had toward me then. It warms my heart  toward him a little.

Here are my kids from the summer of ’06. They all look so little. Ireland is now wearing the clothes that Dusty wore back then. Ireland is almost 5, Dusty was 7. Dusty is now the age Christopher was when the kids came, 9.