Is unorganized a word? and other silly things

So, I was talking to my good friend, Traci, this morning on the phone. Somewhere along in the conversation I told her I’m unorganized. She said, “Uh, unorganized? Isn’t it disorganized?” So, which is it? Are my things disorganized and I am unorganized? I have a very smart friend, Ben, who is an English teacher. Perhaps I’ll ask him. (I aspire to beat him in a word game, but the reality is that I am horrible at such games!) I also have a friend of a friend that teaches English as well. Maybe I’ll email her or convince her to read my blog and chime in on the comments. As much as I love to write I didn’t pay attention in any of my English classes. I even took extra classes because I liked them. I don’t know if I use too many commas or not enough; my semicolons are out of place…and I use ellipses way too much…especially in instant messaging.


I ramble too much

My words don’t make any sense

My kids are SO loud

So, I was going to title this random ramblings because I really do ramble and I embarrass myself terribly. Have I mentioned this before? I’m trying to talk less. I’ve always been told that I talk too much. In grade school I’d get my name on the board with checks behind it indicating how much trouble I was in. My major offense? Talking. My minor offense? Causing physical harm to fellow classmates. So recently when I’ve been instant messaging I’ve noticed how I’ll ramble on and on and on, then when the other person responds it’s short and to the point…usually. When talking on the phone I ramble on and on and on trying to make my point. Then silence-silence-silence and finally there is a response. Okay, it’s probably 3 seconds, but that’s a lifetime to a blabbermouth. I’m trying to be more thoughtful and less verbose. If I talk less, then less foolish talk will come out. It’s really a number game and I like numbers.

4 thoughts on “Is unorganized a word? and other silly things

  1. Unorganized

    “dis” always means opposite, as in dishonest and honest. So your files are organized today, but they will probably be dis-organized tomorrow.

    Unorganized means that you are ALWAYS not organized.

    You need to find books on english grammar to learn the laws of each punctuation.

  2. Let’s put this thing to rest once and for all: according to my Webster’s, “unorganized” IS, in fact, a word! It means that you are “not thinking or acting methodically”, or that you are “not belonging to or represented by a labor union”. I think that you fit the latter. Homeschooling women of the union… unite!

  3. Unorganized is a word. Disorganized is a word.

    There is no meaningful difference between the two. I like disorganized better.

    I suspect the two versions arose because people could not remember which prefixes were permissible with which words.

    Her wide, staring eyes
    Are white like the winter moon.
    Should have peed indoors.

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