Yummy pies are good
Sweet, creamy, rich, fabulous pies
I like to eat pies

Pies: messy, sticky
Lots of dishes to be done
I’ll be up till one

Bake a pie and eat it fast
If it’s good, it will not last
Apple, pumpkin, cherry, too
All the sugar is good for  you

Sorry. It’s late and I thought I’d torture you with silly poetry. I should be doing dishes and getting ready for tomorrow, but here I am at my MacBook thinking up things to talk about. You know, I think I’ll talk about pies since that’s what I did today.

We made 8 pies; 4 apple and 4 pumpkin. They’re wonderful. I can’t say that we’d win any blue ribbons, but I think they are quite lovely. A few friends came over. I read the directions and told them what to do. I asked Melissa for her no-fail pie crust recipe. I kept wondering if it was really no-fail and what that would say of us if it did fail. I still plan to make a peanut butter pie. It’s a no bake pie so I’ll start that after I get things cleaned up a bit.

I like having a houseful of people. It makes the time go by a little quicker. It’s easier to laugh. Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out with friends after church, too. I’ll take pie to the meal.

Oh hey! I just remembered that I have ½ box of apples left. I guess I’ll make applesauce or more apple pie filling. I also have 5 pumpkins I need to cook up! Wow, I guess this next week will be busy with that, eh?

I’m getting more tired by the second. I better get up and finish dishes!