I’m telling you, I really do love the Oregon rain. It turns all things green after the scorching August heat. I don’t water my yard much in the summer. It’s really a money thing. I think our water bill is high enough without watering the lawn. That’s why there is rain in the fall, right? Anyway, what I don’t like about the rain are dark gray days that turn into dark black nights. A few lightening storms would be much appreciated. I like rainy days that are still bright. Today is a brighter day, yesterday was not. I struggled a lot yesterday and wanted to put my kids to bed at 5pm. The bickering, the volume, the constant running, and whining. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I am tired. Admittedly, I have been staying up too late and eating too much sugar. Sometimes both at the same time. I’d like to say I’m completely cutting out sugar, but I’m not sure that I actually want to. After all, it is an addiction. Did I mention that I’m having more headaches? Here’s the deal with sugar: it gives me migraines, but if I cut it completely out of my diet then I will have 3 days of intense migraines and extreme crabbiness for 3 days. The upside: After 3 days I’ll feel like a new woman. (Yay, the clouds moved out of the way of the sun! Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in!) Yes, I’ll have more energy and no headaches. Oh, and I’ll lose about 6 pounds in the first week. I’m not one that can eat sugar in a ‘moderated’ amount. It’s all or nothing with me. Seriously. I have a difficult time finding the  middle ground.

Overheard conversation from the breakfast table…which also serves as our lunch, snack, dinner, school, and craft table. The kids are playing 20 questions.

kids: Is it a person?
Chris: yes
kids: Can we live without them?
C: yes
K: Do they come over a lot?
C: No, they never come over.
All 3 the little kids: Oh, DAD

So, so sad, isn’t it? The answer was Bobo Fett. Christopher is really into reading Star Wars books. How in the world are the littles supposed to get that?

I miss the apple pie. I could eat apple pie every day for every meal. I look at the pathetic pumpkin pie and think, “You look good, but I don’t like you. Why can’t you be more like an apple pie?” I hope it doesn’t get it’s feelings hurt, but really. I don’t like it. I do like pumpkin cheesecake. I think I’ll make some for Thanksgiving. First, I should cook and freeze (or can) the 5 pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. I’ve heard that pumpkin soup is good, but I’m just not big on the whole pumpkin thing.

I’m quickly realizing that I don’t have nearly enough book shelves in my home to hold all our books. I am trying to declutter them, but we have some really awesome books. I don’t really want to add any shelves to our house. I’m not sure where they would go unless a bigger one replaced a smaller one. Every day I’m working on arranging our books and emptying boxes. There are still lots of papers and various things that need to find homes. I have a ‘nature’ box with pinecones, shells, wood, and other various treasures. I’d like to put it where it can be looked at, but not torn open by little hands that won’t appreciate what is inside. You know what I need? A professional organizer who can come in and get me into shape. Oh, and could you please be free?

Well, I suppose I should get out of bed and eat some breakfast. I’ll make my Very Unrealistic List (V.U.L) before dragging myself out of my cozy bed. I’ll probably even read a book and Proverb to my kids first. Cozy bed reading is so nice.

Have a great day my faithful readers!