(I stole that title from Beca. Sorry BBB.) She’s better at giving her posts a title than I am.

I’m thinking of Africa. You know, the continent. Millions of hurting people. I know there are hurting people all over the world, but right now I’m interested in Africa. I’m reading a book called, a long way gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. It is heart wrenching and I’m not even to the part about him being a soldier. It takes place in Sierre Leon, so close to Liberia where many of my young friends are from. What, exactly, is so broken about Africa? I’m asking because I don’t know. I am thinking of these things because we just elected a black president and because I have friends who experience or have experienced racism. Last night I prayed with a young girl, whom I will call Joy, who is 1/2 Liberian and 1/2 Nigerian. Her eyes are so black her pupils disappear and when you look into them you can get lost in the pain. That is, if she’ll look you in the eyes long enough. I believe her pain is deeper than just the fact that she is adopted. What thing has its claws in her so deeply that she has lost hope. She is a child. My heart is completely broken for her. I told her that I would fight for her. God is victorious and she is not going to lie down on the battlefield and allow the enemy to trample her. My friends, the Bumsteads, are back in South Africa. Millions are dying, yet some of those are finding hope in Jesus. They are not living as though they are dying. And I, well, I stay in bed all day when I am sad because life seems too much. I am so ashamed. Children are dying due to lack of clean water and mosquito nets and I am worrying about whether my children will eat beans and rice again. I have been hungry. I have been in a place where I didn’t have much food in the house, but I have never had to forage or steal food. I have never drank water that made me sick, not even in Tijuana. My children have never been without a need. Yes, we are hurting. Our life is changing and I sometimes can’t see the forest through the trees. We are not alone in our suffering. We are not alone in our rejoicing. My children and I will be doing things a little different in the months to come. Please check out the Advent Conspiracy and Love 146. We are not in a place in our lives where we can go to Africa, but we can do something.

Oh, the cutest thing? My kids, especially Ireland, love to play that we are going to Africa. My heart is starting to travel ahead of me, I think.