Aaron Beaumont
Aaron Beaumont

Let me introduce you to my new friend, Aaron. I have him listed in my sidebar under music I love. It isn’t often that I hear music and have to buy it right away. When I first heard it I said it made me want to dance in the rain. Now that it is pouring down rain and very cold I just might have to modify my comment. How about it makes me want to dance in the first autumn rain or the rainbow filled spring rains. Not the wintery, blustery, driving rain kind of days. Anyway, I heard of him from another friend, Leslie. He mentioned Aaron’s music on Twitter. Anyway, Aaron was on a Christmas tour with Choir at Your Door and they happened to be in Portland on Wednesday night. So a friend and I went. I am so glad I did. I was nervous. I wanted to talk to him since he was there. I had sent him a message through MySpace and he was kind enough to reply. Not only that, but Lennox and Leslie both go to church with Aaron. Oh, and also, my friend Kaleb, who has never heard Aaron’s music or read Leslie’s scripts was in Hollywood recently and met them both.

It simply isn’t fair, but I’m not whining at all. Not me. Why are you laughing?

I’ll just get on with my story then! So, I get to the place about 10 minutes late because I took a wrong turn about 2 blocks away. My friend, Danielle, was in charge of navigating. So, she’d look at my iPhone and say, “Hey, the blue dot is not on the purple line!” I’m not a big city girl, obviously. Anyway, as I walk in I see Aaron walk out of the sanctuary. I stop, look at Danielle, and say in my best non-stage whisper while frantically pointing, “That’s Aaron!” I stand there a minute, his back to me while he’s getting coffee, then I do it. I timidly march over to the man in a bright red Christmas sweater whom I’ve only admired from afar. (His music, not him…just need to clarify that.) I had seen pictures of him from MySpace and a couple of dress up parties he and Leslie have gone to. I tap him and stupidly say, “Hi, are you Aaron?” I didn’t occur to me to say, “Hi Aaron, blah blah blah!” After he confirmed who he was I told him who I was linking my name to Lennox’s hoping to spark some recognition. My plan was successful. So we chatted about how surprised they were to find that they were just part of a Christmas program and not actually doing their normal show. He also went on to tell me how I missed him playing several instruments at once. Ugh.

It ends up that I only get to hear about 3 of their songs and the whole program was over by 9. I arrived at 8:09. I left Sheridan at 6:34. I was bummed. After the show he came up to talk to Danielle and I. (She didn’t speak unless spoken to so I blabbered on and on and on.) He and I were talking when some other people came up to talk to him. One of the guys turned to me and asked, “So are you tour with him, too?” After telling him that I wasn’t he said, “Oh, but you’re friends.” I quickly said, “Um, no, not really, we’re not…uh, no?” I’m frantically looking between Aaron, Danielle, and this guy. Then Aaron say, “Yes, yes we are.” So I turn to the guy, shrug my shoulders, and say, “Yes.” Then there’s a moment silence and I feel the great need to tell them how I at least know of Aaron beginning with knowing Lennox in real life. I think I’m red by this time. I’m at least starting to get warm.

Aaron then goes to help the guys load up, but tells us he’ll be back. So, we wait around. Another person asks me if I’m with the tour. Nope. Just a groupie stalker. I didn’t actually say that out loud. Aaron comes back to talk to us. I gushed over how I love his music and how Lennox called him brilliant. I laughed nervously while he told me of his classical piano training and how he was heading out to New York City. I mentioned how I tell everybody about his music, which I do. If you came into my house, I’d play his music for you.

He kindly offers to play a couple of songs for me. I’m flattered. Honored. Overjoyed. Trying to act nonchalant about the whole thing. In fact, he was insistent on playing for me. After fiddling with amps and the sound system and packing up all his equipment he gets ready to play for me. Now there is a small crowd waiting for him. They were all waiting to go to Powell’s Bookstore before it closes. He looks at them and asks them if it’s alright to play a couple of songs for me. No problem. Problem was that I was getting more embarrassed by the second. With all the fidgeting of equipment and packing up I’m being pointed out every few minutes as being the reason for the hubbub. (Not in a bad way, though.) He plays my 2 favorite songs. First he played The Park Bench Song that has inspired me to do a photo project with, you guessed it, park benches. Then he played The Time Will Come. Please go to his site and listen. He ended the evening by posing for a picture with me and giving me a cd.

Now, I don’t know that I would consider us friends. MySpace says he has over 16,000 friends. I am only one. Granted, we do have common friends, but I have never met Leslie in real life. Though I no longer doubt whether or not to call him friend. We both like chocolate, brewer’s yeast, tofu, and books. He introduced me to Brewed Chocolate. I have yet to try it, but I’m dying to. (If you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, this would be a good gift. You could get one for yourself, too.)

Here’s one last shot of Aaron playing a song just for me!