I’m feeling random this morning.

First of all, look at that messy desktop! Why, oh why, can I keep it organized? I try and try…well, sometimes I do. Look at all those things in the dock. Do they all need to be there? Uh, I pretty much think so. Random pictures all over the place. Oh please, somebody help me! Augh! Last time I cleaned up my desktop I permanently deleted an EDITED set of senior pictures. The good new is that I am much quicker at processing now so I got it all redone in record time.

There is a dusting of snow on the ground and my kids woke me up wanting to go build a snowman. We cuddled instead.

I know I’ve said this on both Twitter and Facebook, but please, I beg you, go download a bunch of free Christmas music from Elephant Hug. Some songs make me want to cry and others make me laugh. I think it’s pretty amazing.

Oh, did you hear? I’m best friends with a celebrity. Just ask him. Actually, if you’re reading this and you actually do know him, please don’t ask him. [I’m trusting you 2 men to keep my silly and embarrassing antics to yourselves.]

I made brownies last night at the insistence of my bossy teenage friends. It was my pleasure, actually. Brownies and I have a good relationship. I’ve been using this very exact recipe for about 11 years and I’m quite sure that last night was the best batch to ever come out of my oven. Perhaps there was a little more love put into the batch or something. Or maybe I sneezed and didn’t turn away. Either way, I hope it happens again.

Have I mentioned that I really love taking photos? Have I told you that on one of my external hard drives there is over 19,000 pictures? Granted, some of those are duplicates due to file name changes and the weird way one of my programs on the old PC organized everything. I’d like to say I’m working on organizing that, but I’d be lying. I’m working on far too many other things.

I like having my hair in cornrows, but I always feel a little bit weird about it. I wonder if it’s offensive. I wonder if people look at me and wonder if I’m trying to be something I’m not.

The snow is melting and I really love sitting in my bed with warm flannel sheets.

I’m wondering: If my van get 20 miles to a gallon and gas is under $2 per gallon and I want to take a trip that is just under 2000 miles round trip, how much would that cost? Figure it out for me, please. Thanks. I’m thinking about other things right now. Like the smell of bacon and how that does nothing for my vegetarian leaning and how I’d be vegan if it wasn’t so much work.

It is close to the end of the year and I find myself beginning to evaluate the past 12 months. I’m sure it will become a blog.

Well, I have many other random thoughts today, but I’m out of time boys and girls. I must get dressed, pretend to brush my hair, wash my face, cover this zits that will still be seen (HELLO! I’M 34! I SHOULD NOT HAVE THESE!)