Our cute little tree is up and decorated. It wasn’t even difficult! It’s only a tad bit taller than myself. It doesn’t take up much room so it doesn’t obstruct any shelves or walkways. It’s actually quite perfect. There are even gifts under the tree. My children, especially Sage, love to give. Sage started taking things from his own collection that he thought others would like, he’d wrap it up in some sort of paper, then put it under the tree. Our friend, Levi, is an artist. Sage thought that giving him paints would be a great idea. He proceeded to wrap up his own mostly used Crayola water colors and poster paints to give to Levi. His eyes shone with joy as he wrapped this gift for a young man that has poured love upon a Sage. It was a beautiful thing to behold. Here I was worried about my kids not getting what Christmas is supposed to be about.

I have decided to not purchase any gifts this year. We are not in a position for me to go out and spend money no matter how wonderful the gift may be. I plan on starting journals for the three younger ones and continuing writing in Christopher’s. I think I’ll wrap it and give it to them each Christmas. I’ll do other small things, too. Last year I spent days and days baking and sewing and making ornaments. This year I’ve relaxed more. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I still love to bake and make things and I’m sure I’ll get into the groove sooner or later…probably later.

I’ve really enjoyed the sense of community I’ve felt lately. It is wonderful to have people feel free to come visit us at any time. There is no shortage of good men to tell bedtime stories, wrestle, or encourage the kids to listen to me. Sometimes they even make popcorn or clean my kitchen. I love lying or sitting on my bed with a bunch of girls who cuddle my kids and me. They’ll let me play with their hair and they’ll rub my back. Oh, and they’ll clean my kitchen, too.

There is snow on the ground. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I am far too comfortable on my bed to go find the card reader to upload photos. I went out in my jammies and slippers to get some shots of the clouds as the sun was rising. You miss those things if you stop to put on a coat, you know.