So yesterday I mentioned that I had found a lost grocery store gift card. Today I planned out a grocery list and found somewhere for my kids to be while I shopped. Now, I’m not one to pawn my kids off on people, though I’ve been tempted to more often lately, but it is so much easier to shop without them. It isn’t as if they are little terrors, it’s just that I can’t concentrate. I’m armed with my list, grocery bags, calculator, and my friend Cecelia. Now mind you, I usually start shopping in the produce section, moving onto the bulk, then chilled, and end with the few shelved items we get. This time I did it just the opposite so that as I was adding up I had all my known expenses tallied before moving onto the bulk and produce. We filled our bags carefully weighing and calculating each thing. I kept meticulous notes. My cart was getting full. Cecelia was doubting whether it was going to stay under $100. My final tally on paper was $100.46. OK. Well, I was concerned because I thought that perhaps I didn’t estimate very well and that perhaps it was more over than a few cents. So I prayed. I prayed that the Lord wouldn’t let it go over $100. We’re in the checkout line and I have a nervous fidget to me. I tell the cashier that I have this gift card and I don’t want to go over. Oh, I had 7 of my own bags to use so that gave me a .42 credit. Now she’s down to the very last item. The total is so close, then she scans in my celery and what pops up on the screen in big green numbers? 100.00! Can you believe it? It was right on the dot! I’m blogging, journaling, and scrapbooking this event. He answered my prayer beyond my expectation. I’m hoping all the beans and rice will last quite nicely for us, but even if it doesn’t I’m confident that He will provide.

p.s. I am so thankful that WordPress automatically saves as I’m writing. Somehow I lost this post last night, but found it today when I logged in.