(What does that mean, anyway?)

OK. I’m aware that it’s almost 5 in the evening and it should be dinner time. I understand that Ireland isn’t tired because she got to sleep in the van. I didn’t sleep in the van. I was driving. I have slept while driving before. I don’t recommend it. Really. Anyway, the point is that while I’d love to write a good blog, I just can’t. I must close these eyes. I’m tired. While driving I kept thinking of things of blogs to write, but I can’t remember them. So, goodnight. I’ll wake up later. Feed my kids Mac & Cheese (it was free) and popcorn and let them choose a movie. They’ll stay up far too late and sleep in. Monday we must get back into a normal routine….

Oh, I’m listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. It’s so awesome!