It was a blustery day here in Sheridan. The rain/snow looked as though it were being violently thrown at my window. There was flooding in my street last night. Fortunately our house is technically above the flood plain. Last year the flooding was really bad. After it was all over I’d drive down Main Street and would see the sidewalks piled with people’s belongings that had been destroyed. It was really sad. I was only seeing it on a small scale. I can’t imagine where whole villages are wiped out.

Today the kids were gone doing Christmas celebrations with their dad. So, I had the house to myself. I’m not used to such an occurrence. I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. You should’ve seen my list. First of all, he picked them up and left here hours after the appointed time and brought them home much earlier than expected so I was taking my time getting things done. However, I did get to talk to my good friend Cindy, who is only in the U.S. for the next few days and Traci. Conversations were not interrupted on my end. I cleaned my kitchen while on the phone. I didn’t have to stop to break up an argument or to get someone a snack! Can you imagine such a wonderful thing? Completing a job in one fell swoop?

I did conquer a major thing on my list today. My desk area. It can get so atrocious! “Mama, where does this go? I made this for you.” To which I reply, “Uh, on my desk.” So, I let it pile up. Then I think of all the projects I could do if only my desk was clean.

So. This is DAY 2 photo of 365. My workspace. My play place. The place I pay my bills, plan school, and create goals. The place where I can let my imagination run wild with paints, papers, stamps, ribbon, fabrics, etc. If only I can learn to keep this space clean so that when the inspiration hits me I won’t have an excuse not to do so.

I guess you could call it my helm. Like in a ship, but I was really picturing Jean-Luc Picard’s ship on the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

By the way, you can see my self-portrait that the kids and I did in the fall. You can also see that my computer is open to Facebook. Perhaps I should’ve closed my computer for the shot. Oh yeah, you can also see that I’m reading Les Miserables…or at least trying to. I am enjoying it a great deal, but it does use brain power to understand the French words and wrap my mind around the way the government and church were set up. I’m not very far into it yet.


P.S. After originally writing this post some friends came bringing me a gift from their mother. I was able to quickly pull out what I needed to make a thank you card. I cleaned it up right away, of course.