Why is it that I can’t really ever take “just a short nap”? I’d really like to know. I gaze longingly at my bed and think, “Gee, if I take a short nap I’ll have a clearer head and maybe my brain will remember that it’s supposed to back from vacation!” So, I lie snuggle down between the forest green flannel sheets, set my timer on my phone for 20 minutes, and drift off to la-la land. I wake up an hour later regretting that fateful decision to lie down and wonder why I make that mistake almost every day. I just get so tired. Before my nap I was staring at my computer and wondering what to write and thinking about so many things, but my body just wouldn’t move! Now, I can’t sat that today’s post is earth shattering, but I am thinking in complete sentences!

Today is day 2 of homeschool 2009. It has been much less productive, but I am not altogether bothered by that. It’s all about me learning to manage conflict, school, and my other household duties. I am learning. I think I’ve always been trying to learn, but maybe it’s getting easier…or we’re just having a good day. I am very much encouraged by my children’s progress in reading and having good attitudes. Well, Ireland had a little issue today. She refused to get out pattern blocks. When I sat down with her and opened the pattern block box she exclaimed, “Oh, I love those!” It’s merely an obedience issue with her, but I am working on that. Anyway, as I sat down to plan school I was feeling very anxious. We’re behind. They’re behind in everything. I’m not on schedule with my history or science rotation. I heard such-and-such math is better, but we have no money. I want, above all, for my children to love Jesus with all that is within them. I also want them to be well educated, unlike myself. I want them to love learning and to always be seekers of the Truth.

We’re still studying Colonial America. We haven’t even hit the Revolution yet, but we’re close. We’re reading Johnny Tremain and George Washington’s World by Genevieve Foster. Christopher and Dusty have been reading this out loud to the rest of us. It is good to hear them reading so much better now.  Sage is working on reading Bob books and Ireland is working on following directions. I think I’ll use Spelling Power for, well, spelling. I’ve done the first test that tells me which placement test to give the kids. We’ll do the placement tests tomorrow. I think I’ll have to make up some worksheets and drills for math since they’ve pretty much forgotten a bunch of stuff. I currently use Horizons math, but supplement with Math-U-See blocks and Calculadders. I also have all the Ray’s Arithmetic series. So really, I should have no shortage of material to work with. However, I am having some scanner/printer problems, but I’m trying to pretend that they’re not really there.

Wanna see my very poofy hair? Sure you do. I had my hair in 2 french braids for over 24 hours and this is the result!100_9857

*If you know what I really look like you may notice that I removed some moles and wrinkles. Now if I was just that easy in real life.

**Oh, I almost forgot! For the continuation of Project 365 please go to Simply Life Photography. I decided to move it over there. Thanks.