It’s been three full weeks since my last post. I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe I’ve spent the past couple of days posting pictures of Project 365. (Note to myself: Hello! Post them every day. It only takes a couple of minutes! Your future self will love you!)

Very foggy around these parts. Well it has been. Today was bright and sunny. Yesterday was not.

So many things changing & evolving…I like being redundant.

Video blog coming up. Hopefully tomorrow. That would make it a vlog.

Everything you do matters. Every step leads you somewhere. What roots are you laying down in your children? How about your own heart. This is something I’ve been thinking on.

Also, could it be? Could it really, really be that those deep desires within us were put there by the Father? Could it be those things that I thought too lofty or too great for me, can be reality and it’s part of His plan? If that is the path, where should my steps be leading my family and I?

So many things to say, but my mind is on overload. I’ve been up since before the crack of dawn and have not napped.

Before I leave you, please check out this cool blessing.