As promised, another Journey Through Time!

I didn’t write much in the summer of ’06 & what I did write doesn’t really need to be repeated here. Life was still incredibly overwhelming to me. Managing the four kids was so hard. I didn’t pick as many blueberries that summer and I almost missed the peaches! How can you miss peach picking! It’s just wrong to miss out on such a thing. Well, I did miss out on last year because Pihl Orchard was bought out by Evergreen. Yep. The same Evergreen that has an airport, omnimax theater, and 2 museums. Pihl Orchards was run by a sweet elderly German couple whom I loved deeply. I had been going there for years. It’s also the same orchard that Christopher was left behind in the summer of ’05. Have I told you that story?

Our journey resumes in September when I decided to take a blogging break where I thought I’d take some time to get my life in order. Well, I’m still waiting for order! I made me return to blogging in November. I still feel that way, but deeper. Our first Christmas as a family of 6 was quickly approaching. Every Christmas my heart yearns for something more & yet something less at the same time. That year was no exception. Ooh look how passionate I was the day after Christmas. Now I’m not saying that I’m not longer passionate, but I am much more subdued in what I write these days. Goodness gracious! I really wrote a lot in December. My friend even dubbed me the ‘blogging queen’. I gotta bring back the B-Files! Ooh, and the B-Files revisited!

Here’s one of the best days of my life…or rather the day after. My life has never been the same since then!

Ahhh, then we revisit another day that changed my life forever. It’s result was definitely the best thing ever.

Well, I think you’ve journeyed plenty for today.