Two full days of a migraine, a forgotten/missed volunteering obligation, arguing kids, laundry pile up, and a great big back ache from staying in bed with a migraine. I *think* my migraine is gone. My head still feels tenders & my neck hurts unless I sit with my head tilted to the left. My sweet Beatrice came to me yesterday. She is such a blessing. She cleaned my whole kitchen-twice & made dinner. A very very spicy dinner that was almost too hot to handle. Sage’s sweet & loving side shined yesterday. He made me a get well wind sock. He graciously gulped down Beatrice’s dinner (along with lots of water) while smiling and telling Bea how wonderful it all is and thanking her for her kindness.

I am using the word “and” far too many times in this post and I’m so very sorry…

However, yesterday wasn’t a total loss. I finished getting caught up on Fringe & Lost, read a blog about eating free in NYC, read 3 of Leslie’s scripts that he emailed to me because I am so special, played around with a t-shirt design for a church I’ve never been to, learned a little history of Grenada & made up a story that I’ll pass around as true about a friend from there,  downloaded Picasa for Mac [but probably won’t use it], and learned that the actor that plays Hurley on Lost , Jorge Garcia, uses an all natural crystal deodorant & uses coupons for toilet paper.

Please don’t think less of me due to the above paragraph, but if you do that’s okay, too. Just don’t tell me about it.

Today is a beautiful day. Perfect for doing all sorts of things. Walking, biking, wrapping up in a blanket & napping in the sun, reading to the kids, reading to me, and folding laundry! Woo Hoo.

Now, I think I’ll get some breakfast, send my kids on an outing of some sort, & take a nice warm shower. Then I’ll actually start my day!

Stay tuned! I’ll be posting a few pictures that Dusty took over on my photo blog.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few of the pictures that stand out to me as I look through one of my iPhoto libraries.


Levi playing with Kaden @ the Wenger New Year’s party




Ahh, my friend Evan. A loyal Nikon user and dread head. This guy takes great pictures. I wanna be like him someday.


Isn’t it so Shrek like?