So, if you’re a Facebooker like me you are probably familiar with the ’25 Random Things About Me’ list. I’ve avoided it for the past couple of months. I’m not sure why. I’ve loved reading each one. I’ve found them humorous, enlightening, & quite informative. I guess I like to pretend that I’m not a conformist, but at the same time I pretty much like to fit in. I only want to be different if it’s a fun different, not the kind where my friends look at me with the “where did you come from?” different. Even though I think coming up with 25 random things may be pretty simple, I’m concerned about coming up with 25 random &  interesting things. Yet, I’m considering doing a “100 Things About Me” like Rae…mostly because I think she’s cool & I wanna know her, visit her [in India], and be like her.

25 Random & [hopefully] Interesting Things about Me

  1. I am the product of a drug-addicted prostitute & a Filipino Rice Paddy farmer.
  2. I was adopted by my grandparents who have both passed away.
  3. The grandmother & birth mom both died their 50’s…that means I have roughly 20 years to live.
  4. For the first time in my life I have had the pleasure of experiencing Joy. Real God-given Joy. It’s Amazing.
  5. I like to tell stories in photographs. I have always loved taking pictures.
  6. I’ve kept a journal since I was a 12 year old, pimply, 6th grade girl. (I’m now a 34 year old, pimply, woman.)
  7. I express myself much better in writing than in real life.
  8. Due to #7 my real life friends would know me much better if they read my blogs.
  9. I want to be artistic, but I’m not. I have fabric, all sorts of paints, chalks, pastels, papers, glues, pens, clays, yarns, etc. But I’m a pretty boring art person. I just pretend to be an artist.
  10. I also have always wanted to be a musician. I can play the flute & mandolin, but both pretty poorly. However, I was the best recorder player in the 3rd grade.
  11. I love to dance. I have some insecurities in this area, but when I dance I feel something coming alive.
  12. I love pretty papers & nice pens. I especially love dipping a fountain pen in ink & writing in my journal. Somehow I can write pages and pages when I write that way.
  13. I used to steal a lot. Guess what I stole? Pens. White out, but in different colors. Erasers. Basically, I stole office supplies from the local drugstore, the school office, and my friends’ & teachers’ desks.
  14. When my labor wasn’t progressing at home I refused to go the hospital until my dad called and told me to go in. I had been laboring for about 34 hours by then.
  15. I’ve adopted 3 kids.
  16. I’m in a very elite club. I did have to lie a bit when being initiated. I really am a talker, but “they” aren’t really strict about those things. I can walk & talk at the same time.
  17. I’ve had plastic surgery.
  18. I once stood on my bicycle seat to pick plums. I was on a slight incline. Guess how that one worked out.
  19. My mom used to pay me to pick blackberries. My dad would go with me. I ate lots of blackberries. Guess who picked them for the pie? I still got the quarter.
  20. I know how to make bagels. I haven’t done it in a decade, but I think I should start again.
  21. I worked in a nursing home in the Alzheimer’s ward for 6 months. That was, by far, my favorite job.
  22. I was hit in the head with a shotput by the same girl who hit me in the head with a softball 4 years earlier.
  23. I used to climb the maple trees across the street from my house then yell, “Daddy! Daaaadeeeeee! I need help! DAAAAAADEEEEEEEEEEEE!” He’d come over with a ladder so I could get down.
  24. I jumped off a slide once. My right leg got jammed up into my hip socket. Went to the local chiropractor. My dad held me down, while the chiropractor pulled.
  25. The chiropractor’s wife loved applets & cotlets. I hated them, but she gave me some everytime I visited & I felt obligated to eat them.

Wow. I made it. I am so entirely thrilled. I think I could actually go on…but I won’t.