I look at my blog & find a bunch of things that cause guilt in a not-so-deep part of me. That gives way to to the little-bit-deeper things I feel guilty about which gives way to the muchly-deeper things to feel guilty about. [You may think ‘muchly’ isn’t a word, but friend made it up & I’m going to use it!]

So, I feel guilty about:

  1. the fact that the biggest words in my tag cloud include the word ‘ME’ shows my self-centeredness.
  2. my photographer list on the right doesn’t list all the photographers I follow, but I did list them on my photography blog…but I keep finding more.
  3. my music list doesn’t include the music I really enjoy.
  4. not being able to get the Twittermoms badge to display properly.
  5. not reading enough books & becoming smart
  6. watching too many interesting things on my computer, which has effectively replaced tv
  7. for not keeping up on posting my “365 Project”
  8. not having a real life paying job
  9. not developing friendships with other women
  10. not remembering what kind of rabbit we have & for not bathing or combing her
  11. not having the brightest homeschooled kids this side of the Mississippi
  12. having thousands of unorganized pictures on my hard drives
  13. not having scrapbooks done
  14. knowing how to do a lot of creative things, but not doing them because I can’t do them well, but if I did them I’d do them even better…
  15. my daily habit of instant messaging
  16. not being a super wonder woman of a mama
  17. not knowing all those languages I’ve wanted to know
  18. not being a good enough friend
  19. not being a good enough sister
  20. not being a good enough wife
  21. the chai latte I bought yesterday
  22. the mending that needs to be done
  23. the brownies I’m about to make & consume
  24. staying up too late
  25. not having more homeschooling links in the sidebar…maybe that’s evidence of my lack in homeschooling skills
  26. posting self-portraits of myself