I don’t know where to begin in this. I’ve begun this entry a few times & this time I’m just going to let it go.

Easter is coming. 40 days of Lent precedes that. It starts with Ash Wednesday, which is today. I know nothing about what I just said…except for the Easter part. I do understand that. I’ve thought of Lent before, but I haven’t explored it. I read this Ash Wednesday prayer this morning. I have all these thoughts flowing through my mind. Thoughts like these:

  • i want more of You, Jesus, in me
  • i need more of You in me
  • should i take part in Lent
  • what do You want
  • something needs to change in my daily life
  • my kids need to see You working here, Jesus
  • why do we celebrate¬† on Sunday
  • if Jesus is our rest, why do some feel it necessary to strictly adhere to observing the Sabbath

I get burdened by the day-to-day responsibilities of not only taking care of my own 4 children, but all the others who enter my home to be nurtured by me. The children are not the burden, all the little things are at times, a heavy load to bear.

I forget where I’m supposed to fix my gaze.

Then I go reading my normal blogs on the rss feed. In doing so, I end up reading about women who commit to listing five postitive things a day. The challenge is to find Grace in the Small Things.