Look at those marvelous flying girls! I love that they a zany & totally up for any idea I have for them. I even tried having one of them jump over me as I sat on the ground, but that made me scream like a little girl. Yeah, the thought of a rogue foot smashing my precious camera into my face was a tad on the scary side.

Are you ready for all my discombobulated thougths on this fine Monday morning? We’ll do it in bullet form because I like bullets, but not the kind from guns. Don’t like them at all.

  • My Cecelia is on her way to Cambodia as I type this. (She’s the one in the first picture.) I will miss her. I already miss her. Hold on. I’m going to re-read the 2 cards she left for me…..ok, I’m all crying again.
  • I’m having far too many migraines. Had a whopper of one yesterday! It came on like a brick wall! Horrid, I tell ya!
  • Went to a leadership retreat with my church’s network. So much stirring in me right now.
  • Looking at college programs. So overwhelming. I want to serve Christ in whatever do.
  • Trying to figure out how to get my house on the market in April sometime. We’ll see what God does in this.
  • Wanting to ever grow closer to Jesus.
  • I am thankful for my long-term friends. There is nothing better than spending a day with them. How is it that we never run out of things to talk about? I’ll have to find a picture of the three of us & blog about us…
  • I am recognizing the goodness of God in my life & I’m almost ready to share a big story of how I got to where I am today
  • I want deeper relationship with the people around me. Not all of them, obviously, but I realize I lack in the area of building relationships.
  • Did you know there are 639 unengaged, unreached people groups. That means that nobody is getting to those people. They’ve never heard the news of Jesus. How can that be?!
  • There are people in my community who don’t know Jesus. I need to build relationship with these people, too.
  • I do not think I’m called to live in a bubble where everyone thinks just like me.
  • I really like this Organic Santa Cruz lightly roasted creamy peanut butter.
  • I miss cheap tofu.
  • Popcorn with brewer’s yeast sounds good, but it’s so much work to chew.
  • Somewhere in blogland I read that one woman doesn’t do a to-do list, but a list of intentions.
  • Chocolate with peanut butter is dreamy, but I think I’ve written a post on that somewhere before.
  • What is the “emergent” church, exactly? And why do some say it’s bad? I’ve been reading about that a bit.
  • How do we reach the lost without sounding like we want to sell the product of Jesus?
  • I have lots of photos to get onto my computer from the weekend.
  • I also have baby photos to edit.
  • I think I need to end this list & get on with real life, don’t you?