I have not abandoned ship. If I weren’t feeling so tired I’d find a really cool picture of a wrecked ship I have that I took at some beach up north. But, I am tired. I was ready for a nap at 9:38 a.m. I did not stay up later than usual. I actually slept longer & deeper the past several nights. My eyes are watery & burning. My sinuses are killing me. My head hurts. And I’m so very tired. I was taught in college prep english to never start a sentence with the word ‘and’. I break rules. Creative people do that. I’m pretending to be creative today.

I have a reader who has never had peanut butter & chocolate together. Please try it. It’s dreamy. I love peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I’d send you some, but France is a long ways to send cookies.

Did I mention that my face hurts?

My friend, Beatrice, made breakfast today. It was yummy. I’m supposed to family portraits with her family today, but it is raining. Why do we have 3 days of bright sunshine then a day of rain? This reminds me to find a place where I can take indoor pictures.

I don’t have much to say today, but writing sometimes helps me think. So does sleeping. I may take a quick nap before I tackle a major, and I mean MAJOR, cleanup/declutter session in the girls’ room. How did they get so much stuff? People keep giving us stuff & I’ve gotta say no. I’m only letting them keep 2 dolls each with a couple of outfits for each doll. There’s so much stuff in there that they’ll still get to keep, but really, how much do they need.

My oldest daughter has her first sport bras now. So weird. She’s 9. I hear that’s normal.

I plan on doing a garage sale in April & listing my house on the market by the end of April. I know it isn’t a good time, but we’ll what happens. I won’t be any worse off for getting it ready for a sale.

Okay. If any of this doesn’t make sense please accept my apologies. I feel like my eyes are going to explode!

I feel like this: