Yay for that! Not sure how I would take pictures without eyes, but there was an NCIS episode about such a thing.

Here’s my list for the day. Because I know you are so interested in my Very Unrealistic Lists that I make each day.

Things I Really Must Do

  1. Shower
  2. Make bed
  3. Fold laundry
  4. put it all away
  5. blog, because it helps me procrastinate
  6. start ‘Spelling Power’ with kids
  7. make flash cards for Sage
  8. cook beans & rice
  9. go through all of girls clothes
  10. clean fridge
  11. clean my bathroom
  12. clean off my desk
  13. organize papers
  14. balance $
  15. pay bills
  16. find tax info
  17. email kelly about taxes
  18. finish baby McCullough’s editing
  19. make baby slideshow
  20. work on baby Frisbee’s pictures
  21. return library book
  22. upload photos to smug mug
  23. make a big salad
  24. make salad dressing
  25. work on daily routine
  26. work on school planning for the kids & myself
  27. go slightly insane
  28. find some chocolate [possibly at grocery outlet]
  29. grocery list for quick grocery roundup
  30. Create something beautiful
  31. take a nap?
  32. finish reading the book of Ezra

Scenes from the Recession is quite interesting.

Have you seen this pirate?