This is who I’m going to hang out with today! Tracy & Traci. Traci & Tracy. There. Each one had their name listed first in a sentence. Hey girls? Remember those days when we’d feed our kids cheap mac & cheese in the back yard at the apartments? Hey, when was the last time the 3 of us played Catan? We used to play it so often! Thanks to the Phillips for bringing such a fun game to the area!

These girls and I have known each other for so many years. We’ve been through the births and adoptions of one another. The trials and joys of our marriages. They came to clean my house for me after Kelly left and I couldn’t get out of bed. In my hardest times they would take me out on long walks or blueberry pickign. How did we get any talking done when we had 3 strollers and a gaggle of kids. We’ve been with each other through the good haircuts and the bad. We’ve laughed and cried. We’ve all been through that dreaded first time our precious children lie to us and how devastating that can be! We celebrate our birthdays together. What did we ever do before we started going to Golden Valley Brew Pub? I can’t remember.

I really love these girls, can you tell?

Spending time with these girls is so relaxing and comfortable. Like putting on your favorite pair of jeans. I don’t have to pretend with them. I’ve tried. They see right through it. I think they know me better than any one else. They can probably predict my actions…or my inactions. They can make fun of me and love me and tell me the hard things. Traci is more timid than Tracy in saying the hard things, but she’ll do it.

There is so much I can say about these girls, but I really should get going. The more time I spend on here, the less time I spend them. Guess which I would rather do?