We take it forgranted…

Except when we don’t have any.

A pipe broke outside our house and we didn’t have water for a bit. It was less than 24 hours that we were waterless. I felt selfish by being annoyed at such a small thing. It wasn’t as if I’d have to cook, drink, and bathe with the water from the creek out back. I would’ve just gone to a neighbor’s house for good, clean water and a shower had I needed to.


A simple thing, really.


Millions die due to lack of clean water.

I’d suggest giving to a certain organization whose mission is getting clean water to people, but I’ve not studied them out. I just googled it, though, and there are many who are doing just that. I know my kids have given money before, but I can’t seem to recall to whom.

Jesus tells all who thirst to come to Him. Sometimes people don’t even know they are thirsty because they are temporarily quenching their thirst with other things. They don’t know that once they taste of His water it’ll ruin them for anything else. They may try other things, but it will never satisfy.

Hey, all you thirsty people out there, yeah, you. Jesus says, “Come to me..and I will give you rest.”

Drink and be rested.

I like that idea.