she’ll stuff it so full of stuff that she’ll never be able to find anything again. Oh, it’ll start of innocent enough. A few clothes here, a box here, a pile of stuff neatly placed there. It won’t be super organized, but it won’t make you afraid to open the door either. After all, it is a usable closet.

I get this great idea to pull everything out of my closet, organize it all, get rid of a few things, then put it back in. I figured it was a 2 hour job at the most. All my kids helped me empty it, oohing and awwing at all the neat junk..I mean, stuff I have. So, I spread it out all over my bedroom and began the job of decluttering. It is the end of day 2 and I’m not completely done. Once I started going through things I had ideas of this going here and that going there. I’d give you all the details, but I’m sure they’re pretty boring. In the end I still have a small layer of things on my bed, but I got rid of 1 bag of garbage, 3 bags of clothes, and an entire Mary Kay binder full of samples. I am donating the make up and clothing to a local women’s shelter. I want my donations to matter and sometimes I’m not sure that my donations matter so much at Goodwill.

I started with my closet because I have this grand idea of decluttering & organizing the entire house by the middle of August. Well, maybe not the garage, but at least the livable space. Am I asking or expecting too much? That could be true. However, I have had this nudging for several months that I need to simplify. Sell or give the things I no longer us or want. Keep what we need, what we use, and the irreplaceable memorabilia. I need to know what we have and we don’t have. I need to figure out who needs backpacks, coats, shoes, socks, etc. for the school year so I can gather these things during the summer by garage saling and thrift store shopping. I don’t want finding things to be a major task. I want things to be easy to put away or to find. I don’t think I am asking too much. I think I am being reasonable, in fact.

I have so many supplies to create beautiful works of art…well, maybe not beautiful, but fun. I never do them or let the kids do them because it’s such a major chore to get to the materials. I have a couple dozen empty picture frames waiting to be used. I have fabrics waiting to become quilts, skirts, curtains, and gifts. I have children asking me to teach them to sew and knit. I can do both things, but not very well. Kelly used to tease me about being able to do many things that he had no idea I could do because I didn’t do them. I do want to create beauty daily. I want my kids to do the same. I want to be living artfully…I want to know what it means to live in such a way. I want my home to be a place that inspires others to tap into that creativity that we all have, just like I believe we all have a story to tell. It just comes out in different ways. [By the way, I happen to think I am one of the more un-creative & un-artistic people I know. I just like the creative things and the idea of being an artist.]

I started with a simple closet story.

I digressed. Sorry.

Here’s what my room looked like after I pretty much emptied my closet.