…that I’ve been away from my kids for most of 3 days and I’m already worn out and wanting to cry?

…that I’ve spent a very long time making pancakes and my kitchen is messy and I really just want my kids to go outside for a long time?

…that even though I let my eldest son stay up so late playing video games with friends that he is still ungrateful?

…that I feel so alone when my kids are gone, but when they’re here I still have that alone feeling?

…that sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore?

…and that I think I have multiple “me’s” and I can’t seem to reconcile them all?

…that I have so many amazing plans for summer, but when it comes down to it I feel like I’m just treading water?

Is it okay to complain here? Or should I just show the sunny side? I don’t know.

…that I have a practically perfect pancake on the same griddle as a partially burnt pancake?

On another note, my closet is still clean and I will be taking pictures of said closet and other cleaned & organized area and write a blog about that.

Ok. I think I get to sit down and eat one of my chocolate chip pancakes now.