…she’ll write part 1 and days later she’ll get around to writing part 2.

I must say, I am quite proud of the how I’ve organized my closet. I can get to everything. I can see everything. I can reach everything. Mostly. All my clothes are in there. For the longest time I had my clothes in a little cabinet thing. So, I put my clothes in the dresser that lives in the closet. I put tablecloths, curtains, and gift wrapping things into the cabinet. I also untangled all my necklaces and went through all my jewelry. I decluttered, matched, and organized. Isn’t that exciting? It most likely isn’t exciting to you, but it is earth shattering for me.

Today I emptied my bathroom. All the drawers and various things are on my bed which means that I have to get it done so I can sleep on my bed tonight. I am systematically going through each area of my house to streamline, declutter, organize, etc. I’m not doing any marathon cleaning. I’m doing it bit-by-bit. Truth is, if I do the marathon thing I will just end up getting burnt out. I definitely don’t need that to happen, do I?

I look forward to the change my house will take on in the coming weeks! The local scrapbook store will be having a garage sale. So I will go through my craft supplies and get those ready to sell. I would create more things if I could easily get to more of my supplies.

My kids often ask if I’m that little girl in the painting above. I am not, in case you’re wondering.

I like that when I need to wrap a gift I can now get to my supplies easily. My big box of wrapping paper is under my bed.


You can’t see it from this angle, but on the shelf above my dresser is a retro suitcase we found in a garbage in Portland when Christopher was 9 weeks old. (Don’t ask me how I remember that!) It now houses our sheets and several people comment on how cool it is.

The basket on my dresser holds socks. I go through that every once in awhile to match them all up. The basket on the far right, barely visible, holds a box of thread and quilting stuff. The wooden crate holds a a few things that need to be mended [like my monkey and bear from when I was small], my sewing stuff, and a bucket of small scraps. There’s also a cookie tin next to the crate that holds slightly larger scraps. I wonder how many quilts I could make from all my scraps? There’s also a horse that needs fixing. You can see it’s tail peeking out from behind the end of the dresser.  The basket on the tip top shelf holds cross-stitch stuff, sheets of felt, a felt book begging to be finished, a felt advent calendar that I’ll start cutting out in November…of 2024, and a embroidered felt face with googly eyes that says, “We love you Mom”. My best friend and I made that for my mom for mother’s day. It was her last mother’s day. There is also a big plastic box up there full of memorabilia of my dad’s and 2 of his chiming wall clocks that I need to find a place for so I can enjoy them again.


Now, behind my clothes baskets are 2 totes + a basket of fabric. I know that is mild compared to some, but I’m not a seamstress or anything. I just like the idea of being able to create something. Oh look, on the top shelf I have a sewing machine and a huge box of batting with batting sitting on top of the box. Hmmmm. In the yellow bag is Dusty’s birthday present. There are 2 boxes of journals with Catan nestled on top. I wonder how many boxes my journals will take up over the years. There is a small box of my family history. I can’t remember exactly what is in there.

I hope it stays this way. I hope I can stay on top of it. Or at least be reasonable about it. I will not be buying any more fabrics! I will not buy more yarn! I will begin to do something with my stash to bless my friends and family! I hope.