sleeping or cleaning or helping kids with homework or balancing the budget, but I’m not.

I’m sitting here listening to music while the kids eat hotdogs outside. I sit here remembering all the things my heart longs to write about. How incredibly blessed I am. How loved I feel by a friend who comes along me and shares in the burden of my life. How I love my job.

Ah, my job. It is a relief to go to my job. It fulfills a part of me that has been missing for many years. My heart overflows every night I work. Where do I work? I work in an assisted living facility in the memory care wing. Have I mentioned to you how much I love it? I love every part of it. I love the book lover who is thrilled when I read to him and the man who has his midnight Snicker’s ice cream snack. I love the stories and even the lack of stories. I love to love them.

I should also write about Festival of Tents. It rained. It blew. We stuck it out. While there, Ireland hit her head and needed stitches. I won’t write about those things though, until I’m ready to post pictures.

Ah, pictures. I took lots of them. That’s what I do.

School started this week. Christopher is in the 8th grade. He’ll be doing an online charter school. We met his teacher today. Dusty is in the 5th grade, Sage in the 3rd, and my sweet Ireland started Kindergarten today. I was brave. I didn’t chase her down, squeeze her, and shower her with kisses. Pictures to come next week.

And now, I must fold laundry, do dishes, direct kids, help with homework, and somehow get a nap in before I work.