I am really enjoying my life right now. Seriously. Life is good. I sleep during normal sleeping hours now. It’s not nearly enough, but I’m getting there. I cook AND do the dishes that same day. I’m not falling asleep while driving. I don’t feel like I’m drowning in the depths of despair.

New Year’s Eve was my last night of work. I had given my notice 3 weeks earlier.

God is so good, isn’t He? The job was there when I needed it. I wrote a blog about how it all worked out in the beginning. It was this blog that prompted a friend to prayer that eventually led to my being able to quit. You see, my friend read the blog and thought it would be better for me to stay home with the kids. I agree. My friend asked God for money to give to me every  month. Guess what God did? Yep, He did it. I didn’t quit right away because I was scared. Why would I be scared when God was showing me His faithfulness? I don’t know, but I do know that I was behind in bills and my kids needed clothes that actually fit them. Well, and maybe there was pride in there as well. I didn’t want to be that needy single mom that just sat around raising her kids and expecting everyone else to take care of her. Have you ever known one of those? I have and it’s not pretty. I don’t want to be like that.

Three months pass. I’m stressed. I cry a lot. I yell a lot. I sleep a little. I don’t do a good job parenting my children. The same children that now go to public school and see their birth mom there. The same children who need me to be safe and strong for them. Life becomes so hard at home. Crying kids. Yelling kids. Mean kids. We’re all angry. I can’t get my college work done. Oh, and I did get the swine flu, too. That was horribly painful, but at least I was able to rest. Did I mention that I cried a lot? I felt so alone. I didn’t get to see any of my friends. My kids didn’t get to have other adults around because I was so tired. Oh, and we won’t even talk about how bad of a diet we all ate. The kids loved that part, though.

I finally decide to quit. Just to make sure, though, I call a good friend. He reminds where the provision really comes from. Jehovah Jireh. He also reminded me of the importance of being a woman of faith over being a hard-working single mom. Thanks, friend.

I think I needed those months of work to show me that I truly can’t do it all. I needed it to teach me the value of time and sleep. Oh lovely sleep, how I’ve missed you. I feel like I’m back to the land of the living.

Here’s the super exciting thing! I’ll get back to taking pictures. I was so tired before. I couldn’t muster the energy. Not only will I enjoy taking pictures again, but I’m also taking a photography class. The instructor is Susan Ragan. She was a photographer for the Associated Press for decades! She is a real photographer. Check out her gallery. I look forward to learning from her. The other night she asked if I took the photography class for an easy A, as she thought I was too advanced for the class. I told her that I knew who she is and I know I have much to learn. I look forward to spending time with her. She actually lives here in Sheridan.

I have an appointment with a doctor to go over the findings of my last appointment. I’m having a ton of digestive issues that makes life quite miserable at times. It also messes with my sleep. I also met with a personal trainer down at the local gym; I’ll be meeting with her again next week.

I also have a new family member. Her name is Ginger. She’s 3 months old. She’s a tri-color border collie. Well, she’s 3/4 border collie and 1/4 rottweiler. Oh, and she’s adorable. I’ll post a picture as soon as I get a good one of her.

I must leave this lovely blog and move on to editing wedding photos and prepare for a wedding reception tomorrow.