I sit down to write my blog and my mind is blank. My thoughts are scattered and I can’t remember what I waxing eloquent about while driving along the country roads. Man, I write the most beautiful blogs while driving. It’s absolutely amazing!

Aside from the raging migraine I’m still fighting, I’ve been having a great time. My days and weeks are full. I’m learning how important it is to manage my time wisely. Next I’ll learn how to do it.

Over the past year or so I’ve had quite a few health issues that have been alarming to me. My good friend, Shannon, recommended Dr. Popp in Woodburn. So far it’s been a great experience. He is kind, gentle, thorough, and a good listener. He doesn’t make me feel stupid for the shape my body is in. I know it’s my fault. I won’t go into my specific health issues, but I will say that after one day of taking the whole food supplements I slept all through the night. I haven’t done that for months…maybe even over a year. Also, it looks like my hormones may be balancing out. That’s a relief. I go back every week for several weeks to check in. I should mention that he is affordable. His goal is to help his patients feel better.

I had a great time doing a photo shoot with Lennox. It knocked my socks off. Well actually, it was my shoes. I walked right out of my shoes in the middle of a very muddy field. One minute I’m walking along snapping photos, the next minute I’m walking out of my shoes. The mud stole my shoes. Lennox carried my shoes and camera out of the field for me. That left me to walk out of it in my socks. Can we say all say “yuck” together? I was laughing the entire time, though.

photo by Lennox Fleary

Ah, then it was time for the weekend. The beautiful, fun-filled weekend. Friday we walked down to Slow Train Coffee and Teahouse to listen to Isaac, Anthony, and Lennox play music.  There were others, too, but I was too late to hear them. I love going to the coffee shop for music. There’s good food, warm drinks, good music, and good conversation with great people. It’s like hanging out with family, except there isn’t any fighting. The coffee shop has seriously helped me to love living in Sheridan. This is my community. This is where I belong.


Saturday brought National Pie Day to my home. I had planned this party long before I knew it was actually National Pie Day. Who thinks up these things, anyway? Scads of people began to show up. Pie crusts were being made, recipes looked up, recipes messed up, and yummy pie creations. It was such a blast that I didn’t actually take pictures of the pies. Maybe next time. Oh, and the best part is that my kitchen was all clean at the end of the night.

Sunday I joined a group of friends to head up to Portland to see my friends’ band, In My Opinion. It was amazing! I was so impressed with the drummer, Anthony. It’s been a long time since a drummer has impressed me. Quite honestly, I didn’t know if I would enjoy it. I had only heard Isaac in an acoustic setting, which I totally love. I also had the opportunity to take pictures at the show. This was really the first time I’ve taken concert shots. It’s a little nerve wracking, actually.


Monday brings a migraine. I have an essay on that. I think everybody who knows a migraine sufferer should read it. I’ll have to post it one of these days. I knew that I would be getting one. My health has been getting better. However, I have been instructed to stay completely away from oats. I didn’t realize that I was eating something with oats in it last Thursday. Since then I’ve had trouble sleeping and trouble keeping my food down. My stomach has been in pain and very sensitive. My major migraine triggers are lack of food and sleep. So, it was no surprise when it did arrive, but it certainly wasn’t welcomed.

This coming weekend brings more music. I’ll be heading to the High Rack in McMinnville to catch Lennox, In My Opinion, and Auburn. More pictures will be taken, of course. I only hope they turn out great. I’m not sure what to expect as far as the set up and lighting. I didn’t bring my entire set up to the Portland show, but maybe I will for the McMinnville one. The following night I’ll head to my hometown to listen to music I’ve never heard of at the Wildwood. I grew up with the sisters who own it and I love what they’ve done to the place. It was called Vic’s when I was a kid. My dad and I ate there every day after my mom died. Though it looks different it still gives me the feeling of coming home. Who says you can’t go home? (Even if it’s Willamina.) I still feel like an outsider. I look at the familiar faces and wonder if they remember me?


I’ve been thinking about choices lately. What do I do with my days? My thoughts? My actions? Am I ready for change? Do I really want to change? I am great at procrastinating. That’s not something I want to be good at. I need to have a plan. I do have a plan, sort of. I need to implement that plan. I need to work harder. Always harder, right? Maybe not harder, just more effective. I tend to freeze when I get overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed far too often. This becomes a vicious cycle. This must stop. I really like reading the blog posts from Tsh (pronounced “Tish”) over at Simple Mom. She lives up to the title. Her methods help simplify things. I’m ready to start using my brain binder/household notebook/control journal again. I printed off her daily docket. I filled it out today, but was still struggling with a migraine. I like it because it forces me to list only 10 things to do that day, then choose 3 of those to be my MITs (Most Important Tasks). The form also has a place to fill in a sort of time line to help keep myself on task. I printed off several copies and will be making myself use them. I also printed off a 6 page worksheet of goal setting questions. I need specific questions to get me started in the process. I need to make my goals specific and be able to break them down into mini-goals. You can find both of those resources here.