I’m not sure how it happened, but Thursday the 18th I found myself in a car with a man named General heading for Hollywood, California. Thursday morning I had no inkling of such a thing. Spur of the moment to me is something like, “Hey, let’s go to the beach tomorrow” not “Hey, let’s go to LA today“. On Friday I was walking into the Purple Church in Hollywood meeting new people. Sunday found me back home in Oregon sitting in the ER with Lennox by my side. I wonder if I looked hot in that hospital gown?

Here’s the story: Lennox flew to California to play a show. Isaac and Anthony along with their wives drove down so the guys could play with Lennox. General was renting a car to drive down. I happened to say to General, “Leslie really wants me to come down to Hollywood. I told him I’d go if he bought me a plane ticket.” To which General replied, “I’m renting a car and going down. You’re free to catch a ride with me.” To which I replied, “HUH?” Then I explained to him that I couldn’t go because I have 4 kids and I’m in charge of 2 dogs and I don’t do spur-of-the-moment. He rolled his eyes and said, “You’re coming.” I hummed and hawed while making the appropriate phone calls to arrange such matters. Amazingly enough, it all worked out. I was still like, “Okay, I know it all works out, but I don’t do these kind of things. I don’t think I should be going.” As I was packing I kept thinking, “I’m going to Hollywood? Really?”

Leslie had no idea that I was coming down. I made it sound like I wasn’t going to be able to make it. I knew he really wanted me to be there and I really wanted to see him, too. It was so hard to keep that secret! When we pulled into the church parking lot I took a picture of the front doors and sent a text to Leslie saying, “I totally rock, don’t I?” Eye witnesses say that he bolted from his office chair and ran down the hall to greet me at the door. I am glad to have surprised him.

Leslie rocks on the violin! You gotta see it!

Lennox, Isaac, Anthony, and the rest of the crew whose names I have forgotten totally rocked!  (Oh, I am so so sorry guys and gals!) I have never been more proud of this crew. It was AMAZING! By the way, they are playing at Slow Train Coffee here in Sheridan tomorrow night. This is not a show you want to miss. This is one of those you might even want to travel for. Also, I’ll be there. Does that help to convince you?

As for my brush with stardom: no, I didn’t see Aaron Beaumont again. In fact, he totally ignored me, but more on that later. I did, however, pal around with actor, Dennis Hill. Pal around may be exaggerating a bit. Although I have real life friends that do pal around with him. We’re facebook friends, does that make it real? No? Okay, well anyway, being the actor that he is, he was always willing to have a camera pointed in his direction.

Lennox, Susan, & Dennis- I gotta meet Susan. I think we could be great friends!
Dennis Hill, Goofy Girl, Leslie Foster- one of us doesn't fit in...We're like an Oreo, eh?

Okay, now more about Aaron Beaumont. He may have ignored me by being out of town when I happened to be in LA, but he is making a special trip up to Oregon. Well, it’s not just for me. Actually, it’s not for me at all, but this is my delusion and I’m going to pretend that he wants to come up here just to play for me. He did that once, remember? Then I made a second trip up to Portland with Katie and Evan to see him. I thought taking people with me would make me seem less creepy. I’m not sure that it worked. Oh my goodness! I just remembered that I offered half my burger. What a weirdo. So anyway, he’ll be doing a show up here and staying a night or two with Lennox. Please Dar, for all that is good and holy DO NOT MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF.

Great. Now I’m talking to myself on a public blog. What next?

Me- Calling Rachel to scream, "I'm going to Hollywood!!!"

Oh yes, the ER. Well, while I was travelling I found it impossible to swallow anything, including liquid.  When we all came back from LA Lennox was kind enough to put up with me in the ER. They drugged me and gave me fluids, but no answers. After two weeks of doctor appointments and a barium swallow x-ray, it is confirmed that my esophagus is closed at the point where it should open to let the food into my stomach. By the way, watching that barium swallow x-ray was beyond AWESOMELY COOL!!!! I really need surgery, but one of the doctors is going to try dilating it tomorrow morning. I have been 2 weeks without food and very little fluids. The upside is that I’m losing weight. The downside is that I have no energy and today I noticed I’m losing muscle mass. My sexy calves are kinda squishy. Maybe they always were, but I’m using this as my current excuse.

Oh, and guess what? Abby Faith showed up. That was exciting. I love that girl!