I spent a few hours up at OHSU yesterday. It was a pleasant experience, actually. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone is so friendly. Well, the receptionist was a little crabby, but I think it was close to her lunch break. You know how low blood sugar can mess us all up.

I have a date for my surgery. April 16. I looked disappointed when Dr. Shepperd gave me the date. It wasn’t because I necessarily wanted it earlier, though. That just happened to be the date that I was going to head back down to LA with my friend. Oh well. There will be other times to see my friends there. The surgery isn’t optional. I have to have it.

I first met with the surgeon’s assistant. He gave me the run down on how the surgery will work, then gave me the risks. You know, normal things like: infections, tearing, heart attack, stroke, death. Then he’d pat my hand and say, “That doesn’t usually happen. Don’t worry.” Oh, now that I think of it, that doctor was probably 5-7 years younger than me. Wow. That’s weird. I had to sign a paper stating that I was aware of the risks. Nice. Anyway, anything the doctor told me wasn’t a surprise because I had done my research online. I bet they run into that a lot; over-educated patients, that is. He also answered all my questions before I even asked them. That was a bonus. Then the surgeon came in. He seemed very compassionate and sorry for not being able to get me into surgery sooner. Oh well. I should lose another 20 lbs bringing the total to 50 lbs. After the surgeon left a nurse came in to tell me how to prep for surgery and how to take care of myself post-surgery. Wow, I was given a lot of information. I have to shower with a special soap twice before surgery.

Hmmm, I am highly distractable. I’m supposed to be at my friend’s house right now. I’m so glad she’s patient with me. I sat down to blog, then forgot about it when I went to the bathroom. While in there, I decided I should start laundry and make brownies for tonight so I won’t feel like I have  to rush home to do that. Then I got to feeling sick. Then I sat here to deal with some photo stuff and remembered I was in the middle of a blog. My puppy keeps following me around. She looks sad, kind of like she knows I’m leaving and she’ll have to go to her crate.

Brownies almost done. Then I should be kind to my friend and take a quick shower.

I have a band photoshoot this weekend. Looking forward to that. Nervous. Not sure what to do, but I need to get some stuff figured out so I don’t waste a lot of time.

I get to meet JT Spangler and Aaron Beaumont this weekend. I was worried that I’d be at the hospital when they’re here, but Aaron said he’d play for me in the hospital if I was there. Glad I’m not. I’m beyond excited to hang out with these guys. Kelly was scheduled to take the kids this weekend, but isn’t. So, I’ll have my kids with me most of the time. I do need to find a sitter for the shoot, though.

Oh, timer went off for the brownies. Sure wish I could eat some. *sigh*