I don’t have much to say, but I feel compelled to say something. There is always much going on in my mind, I often seriously wonder if I am going insane. Friends say things like, “Don’t over-think this” or “You think too much”. One of my friends is in the same boat as I am so he says, “Gahhhh, I wish I didn’t think so much!!!” I just wonder what it is that I’m supposed to share. Should I just randomly type the thoughts in my head? Doesn’t that get old?

Today is Saturday. My house is a mess because Friday’s chores were put aside for relationship building conversations. I’ve been trying to make Saturdays easier for my kids and I by getting all the major cleaning done before the weekend. Normally I would feel stressed and tied to my home by this mess. Ireland is at her grandma’s house and Christopher didn’t have ballet. The kids all stayed up late so I told them to all sleep in and not to disturb others if they woke up first. It worked. It worked mostly because Ireland wasn’t here. She’s an early riser. I stayed in bed until 11. I wasn’t asleep all that time. I just laid there and read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I can’t remember the last time I was able to just lie around and read. Sure, after surgery I didn’t do much, but if I wasn’t moving or talking I just fell asleep. Sometimes I fell asleep while talking.

We’re going to go on a hike to Niagra Falls with our friend later on today. I am looking forward to that. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I have been wanting to take my kids to see different water falls around Oregon and taking them on hikes. I’m glad I’m hiking today even though it’s a super easy hike. I’ll still probably need to go to the gym or on a run.

Speaking of running. It’s not actually running, it’s more like jogging at a snail’s pace. Seriously. I still plan on doing the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon on September 5. So, the other day I thought I’d jog a bit to see what I can do. I very slowly jogged 1.4 miles without stopping. I was pretty surprised. I think I could’ve made it the whole 2 miles, but a friend saw me and stopped me. This week I’m going to work my way up to jogging 3 miles. I’m not only going to jog. I’ll start cycling at the gym even though I know how hard it will be at first. I really like weight training, though.

I have my weight loss goals figured it. They’re lofty, yet doable especially since I’m working toward the half-marathon. If I didn’t have that goal, I wouldn’t be losing as quickly or working as hard, I’m sure.

I quit biting my nails. Can you believe it? This life long nail biter decided that I didn’t want to bite my nails anymore. It was fueled by vanity, though. I wanted to paint my nails and have them look pretty.

Well, I better get moving here. I’ve gotta run an errand or two before embarking on our journey. I figure I better clean my kitchen so it’ll be a nice relaxing place to come home to.

Peace to you.