I’m currently in Redding, California at a Motel 6 listening to my friend Marjorie singing in the shower. We spent the evening with my good friend David Ward. He gave us a good meal, took us to the largest sun dial ever, then made sure we were comfortable for the night.

Our travel day was fun and relaxed for the most part. Cecelia, Marjorie, and I each took turns driving while the others slept. The kids did great. Of course there were the normal things like, “stop touching me. Please sing inside your head. Move over!!!!” Thankfully we all made it here alive and still sane.

We stopped in Ashland to walk around. It was lovely. The best part is that I found my favorite journal and pen there. I visited there over 2 years ago and haven’t been able to find either anywhere else. I’m a happy girl.

The day starts early tomorrow and will involve driving in L.A. The city I said I’d never drive in.

Goodnight friends