By the time you all read this we will be on our way to LA.  That’s right, the Taylor Tribe + One Two will be climbing into our dear van, Ruby  and heading south. We’ll hit Disneyland, the Getty museum, the beach (of course), Griffith Park, the Hollywood sign, shopping, and who knows what else. I’m most excited to get to know our hostess, Wanee, and to hang out with my Hollywood peeps. Yep. MY Hollywood Peeps. Don’t know how I have such a collection. It started with Lennox, then Leslie, then Scott…then the floodgates opened up I guess.

It’s late. The car is mostly packed. The house is a mess. I’m tired. My new friend, Marjorie, is joining us on our adventure. I am beyond happy about that! She’s Leslie’s girlfriend. Remember him? The dude who wrote a script a day and can tell you completely random, yet enjoyable, facts.

I have much to say, but not much brain power to do so. I do want to blog each day we’re on our trip. It may be only a picture and a few words.

Until next time…