First of all, I did take pictures, but I’m not posting any right now because I’m so tired and I can’t seem to get it all figured out right now.

We had an excellent traveling day. We left Redding at 6:30 a.m. and arrived at the Purple Church at 4 p.m. Cecelia, the kids, and I were squealing with excitement! We saw a guy, Nathan French, that I hadn’t met yet, but I knew who he was. He was running down the street and I announced, “Hey, that’s Nathan French.” Then they started yelling out the windows, “HEY NATHAN FRENCH!!!!” Fortunately he didn’t hear us until we were pulling into the parking lot, but even then we had moved on to just plain squealing.

Leslie meets us in the parking lot where he is attacked by hugs and kisses. The kisses were from his main squeeze who came down with us. Then we headed into the church where Pricess Ireland quickly tracked down Monster Scott. They have a great love affair that I don’t understand. How did they blog so quickly and deeply at Festival last year? Scott is a tall man and Ireland looked so small in his arms.

We all walked down Hollywood Blvd. which is horribly boring. The kids were hot and walked slowly. We did take a picture in front of the Kodak theatre. Oh, and there was some music going on and a handsome black man told Ireland, “Bust a move, sister.” She started bopping to the music a bit, but when he said that her eyes got big and she walked very stiff like.

Later we met Wanee. She took us out to eat at a Thai restaurant not far from the church. It was fabulous. I’ve never had such great food. It was real Thai food. We ate and ate and ate and ate, then we ate some more. It was amazing. I could eat that pad thai for every meal for the rest of my life. I’m sure of it. There was also a Thai Elvis that sang. That was interesting. I have a picture of that, too.

Now, I am listening to the sleeping children breathe while I write this. I am going to shower and go to bed. Then in the morning I’ll go exercise.