I haven’t much to say these days.

Random thoughts and a broken heart.

Went for a short walk along the railroad track.

Just me and Jesus and my cameras.

Begged a friend to please come back to Oregon.

Don’t know why, but I keep thinking everything will be okay if they come back.

Though I know it won’t change a thing.

The blackberries around here are not quite ripe, but I drive 20 minutes and they’re big and juicy. Why is that? It is warmer in McMinnville. Here in Sheridan we get a nice cool breeze. Maybe it’s too cool or too shady. I’m sure it’s just in the areas I go walking, I guess. I’m sure…I guess????

Anyway, I was feeling that I am much like the tiny green blackberries. They are hard and bitter. What makes them soft and sweet. (I don’t really want to be juicy or plump so I’ll just leave that part out.) Is it the warm sun beating down on them? Have I been hiding myself in the shade for far too long so that I can’t ripen?

I feel like a rotten apple that has fallen to the ground.

I’d rather be something that brings beauty.