If you would have told me that today I’d be sitting here at my computer thinking about beginning this blog with the words: Yesterday was the perfect day. I would have rolled my eyes and laughed. Are you serious? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I facebooked, “I’m about to kick Tuesday in the face”? I woke up to heaps of clean laundry that needed folding with heaps of dirty clothes crying out to be laundered. My dining room was covered, and I mean COVERED, with all the contents of my boys’ room. My sister and I cleaned it out on Friday and began the sorting process, but it was too much and too hot to finish that day. So, we went swimming instead. Then the kids were gone on the weekend and I was not going to do that job by myself. Monday brought a migraine and a very crabby mama. Oh, and it was very hot. The heat always intensifies the migraines.  I pretty much was feeling like the end of everything was nearing. Fortunately, I was wrong and in the process I found that I have a handful of friends who will rally around me when I’m in that space. So Tuesday arrives. My head still hurt, but I was determined to get up and do my morning routine to get the day rolling. I even made and ate breakfast. Then we began. I sent the girls to their room to clean up. They still didn’t do it to my satisfaction, but it does look much better than it did. The boys and I continue to sort. Cries of, “Wait! Did you just put that in the garbage?” and mumbles of, “That’s a terrible idea!” bless my ears. Sage didn’t finish his very yummy oatmeal concoction that I made so he was hungry sooner than necessary. So then he was suddenly too hungry to pick up toys. Then he became too tired to pick up toys. I replied, “Great! You’ll eat a good lunch and have a good nap!” By the time Christopher left for youth group at 5:30 p.m. the job still wasn’t done. We did take a break in the afternoon because I had other work I needed to get done. I also needed my kids to have a quiet time…I needed the separation. Anyway, when Christopher left he said he knew we wouldn’t have the job done by the time he came back. HE WAS WRONG!!!! It’s done. Toys separated, organized, put away. Garbage can is full and I imagine the van is full of Goodwill stuff, too. I did my entire evening routine so I was freshly ready for bed and prepared for the next day. Half the laundry got folded and it’s all under control. My kitchen is clean and dinner went into the roaster last night. This morning my bed is made and I’m dressed as though I’m going out on a run. I am not. I will, however, go walking and continue to listen to the book of Acts on my iPod.

I look at the pictures above and remember the awe I felt as I stood in the middle of the big field feeling the wind whip around me. I was so thankful that it was cooling down, but mostly I was happy about the dramatic clouds in the sky. Just look at them, how could you not fall in love with them. They are beautiful! I wanted to stand there forever. I wanted to be one of the clouds. That walk in the field is what made the day perfect. It took us out of the chaos of my home and gave me the quiet of the great outdoors. The kids stopped fighting as they searched for blackberries and helped control the dogs. (Speaking of dogs…I am definitely not the alpha dog here!!! Apparently my home is cushyland for the dogs. Something has to change, don’t you think?) We had one single purpose. Walk. I think we’ll go on more walks. I don’t go walking with the kids much. I’ll go on my own walks just to get away and I’ll send them out to go walking, but we don’t often do that together.

So, good morning Wednesday. Let’s be friends.