Today is Saturday. In some circles it’s considered the Sabbath. Well, technically, it’s the Sabbath whether or not one “considers” it. It just is. I wonder what this means to me. What am I to do on such a day? Is it worse  if I yell at my kids today.

Purple. I slept in a purple shirt. I plan on wearing a different purple shirt today. Dusty is wearing a purple bandana that matches perfectly with the shirt she chose today. I should tell her that. I should also tell her how beautiful she looks today. It’s hard to do that when I can hear her in the other room being mean and bossy to the other kids. Back to purple. My clipboard is also purple as is the binder that holds my home management e-books. I will also wear two different shades of purple socks. What is it that draws me to that color today?

My purse is not purple. It is red. I also love red. It is a ruby red on one side and black on the other. The ruby red side is embroidered. My good friend brought it back for me from Cambodia in 2009. That seems like so long ago. Speaking of 2009. I seem to have lost a bunch of pictures from the hard drive crash. So sad. I’m over it now. Not much I can do at this point.

Meandering thoughts wandering around in the vast cavern of my mind. I’ve been told I think too much. What was said today? Something about me thinking so much that  it prevents me from doing what needs to be done. That probably isn’t what was said, but it’s what I heard.

Meandering. Swirl. Twirl. Like a little girl in a red dress that floats out in a big circle around me when I spin in circles. That’s what my thoughts are like. How do I harness those things? I do quite well in harnessing them when it comes to planning or doing something filled with fun. Just like a little girl would.

We sponsor a child in Ghana. We have never written him. As time goes by I feel worse and worse. It is time we change that. It is time we bless him not only with our money, but with our life. This morning as I was lying in bed I thought of how fun it would be to make it our family project. Our first letter would be an short apology then an introduction to our family in words and pictures. I could do it newsletter style, but holding real photos is always better. Then the following letters could be about just one of our family members. What they do, love, don’t love, their favorite things and so on. I don’t know. Just a thought. It would help us to remember to pray for him, too.

Swirling. Twirling. Meandering along a well-beaten path. Thoughts, hopes, fears; all mingled together.