I have a life coach, Lennox Fleary. That makes me laugh out loud, or LOL as the young kids say these days. Life coach? What is that, anyway? I had heard about life coaches on tv way back when I watched Oprah. Back in the fall of 2008 he began to look into getting certified as a life coach. I was all for it even though I wasn’t quite sure what they actually did. I had to do a little reading about  the purpose of a life coach. I then wrote a recommendation letter for him. One of the things I wrote was, Lennox carefully listens and figures out what inspires and challenges me. He likes to get to the point and find what works for me. What is it that makes me tick? What can I identify with? A movie? A book? He uses these things to inspire me to make better choices for myself. That’s what makes it work. They are my choices, not his. I choose the path, he helps me to see it more clearly.” I‘d have to say that statement still holds true exactly 2 years later. In fact, it’s more true now than it was then. I could not see clearly back then at all. My pain was all too fresh. I don’t think I could hear clearly. When I spoke I knew the right things to say, but I couldn’t move forward. Shoot, I wasn’t even getting out of bed every day!

Isn’t life coaching just being a pushy friend? Umm, yeah, and so much more. None of my friends push me like he does. He pushes everybody. He is not content to let you just sit around and wallow. He’ll prod you to see the choices presented and ask which one you’d like to choose. I have a process in how I choose what I do. Though I must admit that I’m going through this process faster these days. First I whine about it, then I find the choices and wine some more about it, then I sigh while I think of taking the easier way, and finally, I square my shoulders and choose the harder path. The one with better rewards. The one that leads me to the eagles. I can fly with eagles or peck the ground like a chicken? Who do I want to hang with? Eagles or chickens? I’ll tell you one thing, I wanna fly. I’m done with being grounded.

My life is very different now. I am no longer hiding…as much. I did a half marathon last week. I’ve lost around 50-60 lbs in the past 2 years. I went to a photography workshop and talked to a real photographer that turns out to be a person just like me, but way cuter. I get out of bed and shower every day. My diet doesn’t consist of organic oreos. [Although, when I am beginning to feel down I still reach for the Oreos. Today I chose to not buy them because my kids were with me at that store and I didn’t want to share with them. I am so selfish. I know.] Anyway, I am actually living life rather than letting it pass by or attack me. I still do a little of both, but I’d like to think I’m choosier than I once was. I’m becoming brave enough to go after the dreams God has given me.

Today is Lennox’s 40th birthday. He has just finished up a blog series called The 40th Orbit and will launch his new series 3000 Bosses later today on his new website. This guy isn’t just a life coach, he’s a great musician. He hears music straight from heaven. I am not even joking. Go wish him a happy birthday by checking out his site. He’s got a great web designer, Topher Bernards. He’s also giving you two free music downloads. Had I known that I wouldn’t have bought ‘Smoke And Alcohol’ on iTunes a couple of weeks back.

He used to like my peanut butter cookies. He’s not eating sugar these days so these blog posts will have to suffice as a his birthday gift.

Happy Birthday Music Making Warrior Man

Do as the Captain has instructed

See you later