Tonight I sat quietly at the head of a long table filled with authentic Thai food with a group of great people. Well, not all of that is true. I didn’t actually sit quietly, but I thought I would try the phrase on for size. Turns out it doesn’t fit me too well. Anyway, the rest of it’s true. We brought home lots of Thai food and if I weren’t so full I’d eat it up right now while my kids are sleeping. Sage and Ireland will be taking their leftover noodles to school for lunch. I should learn how to make Thai food, don’t you think? I’m going to look into doing that frugally.

Sometimes I feel alone. Really alone. I shared some of my struggle a few entries ago. I forget that I’m not really alone. I mean, I know I have Jesus, but I am also surrounded by a great community of friends. I don’t usually tell them my struggles until they are over or almost over. I don’t know why. Doesn’t the Bible tell us to bear one another’s burdens? I feel honored and blessed when a friend shares their struggles with me. On the other hand, I feel like a bad friend, like something is wrong with me, like maybe I’m just not good enough when someone decides to either shut me out or just shares all the pleasant things. Don’t we all have challenges and victories?

Tonight I met a woman I should’ve met long ago. Her sister-in-law and brother are my friends. We have many many mutual friends. I have prayed for her and we have recently become facebook friends. Our friend, Wanee, is in town so I decided to invite Elizabeth over. (I’m not sure whether to call her Elizabeth or Libby. I think of her as Libby.) She and I are going to be great friends. I love her. She has an amazing voice. She’ll be singing with Lennox on Sunday, but I won’t be able to attend the event. I’d love to take pictures of her on stage, though. Maybe I can find a sitter for my kids so I can do that. Although, that would definitely interfere with my Sunday afternoon nap!

Then there’s my Joellen. I used to call her my “real photographer friend”. I remember the day I met her. It was June 7, 2008. I only remember the date because I was shooting a wedding at the house she was living in at the time. It was only my second wedding and I was feeling overwhelmed. I walked into the house through one door, she walked in through the other. We looked at one another and it was love at first site. Just kidding. We somehow recognized one another and said, “Hey, you’re____”. We had both been told by our mutual friends that we should meet. I was intimidated because I didn’t feel like a real photographer and I heard she was amazing. She is amazing and she is a real photographer, but she’s also a real person. She’s a wife, a mom of 2 young boys, and a woman of God seeking to do what He has designed her to do. We didn’t see one another for about a year after that. Then one night I show up at her house for some sort of party she was hosting for the ladies at her church. That was SO out of my character. I didn’t know if I would know anybody and I hardly knew her. I did know some ladies there and I had fun. Now, she and I are good friends. I am blessed. Truly blessed. I can see the Lord’s hand in this. I could go on and on about this and I will, but another time.

I have a new friend, Gillian, that lives just a block or so away. I don’t know how long we’ve lived so close. She and I also have many mutual friends. We just officially met this summer. It is the beginning of something good and real. Do you know what I mean by real? It’s one of those friendships that can go deep right away. I’m finding more of those recently. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I’m finding that I’d rather go deep than stay shallow. Watch out, I may soon be asking you what your biggest challenge is and how I can pray for you.

Have you heard of Henry David Thoreau? Of course you have. Have you read any of his writing? Maybe you have. I haven’t, but I’ve been inspired to do so in this past year or so. My friend that I’ve never met, Melody George,  made a movie about him called Marbles With Thoreau. It’s a short film for now, but it’s on the way to being a feature film. I only recently let her know how lovely I think it is. She and I also have a group of mutual friends. We feel like we kind of know each other already. Isn’t the internet great? You can see how many mutual friends you have and decide if you want to be friends. It didn’t start on facebook, at least for me it didn’t. It started with hearing about this great project from a couple of my Hollywood friends. Then I started hearing bits and pieces about another project she was working on called, “Stained Glass Hollywood Blvd.” I had a chance to see some of it when I was in LA back in July. I was moved. I was surprised and I was humbled. I felt like I had been following the progression of what was happening in the church for nearly 2 years then I get to watch it on film. I was only getting bits and pieces of the film because my kids needed my attention. I hope to be able to sit down and really watch it soon. Melody George~ Come visit me in beautiful Oregon sometime!

Oh, Thai food. That’s what this post was going to be about . I didn’t know I liked Thai food. I would always choose Chinese over Thai, but then I visited Wanee in Hollywood where she took us to Palm Thai. I longed for pad thai from there. Tonight she treated us to a meal at Red Ginger in Keizer. It was fabulous! The owner and the chef came up to our table to greet us. They found out that it was a birthday dinner for Lennox so they brought us friend banana & ice cream and another dessert of custard and purple rice. I wasn’t terribly fond of the rice dish, but I was all over that fried banana! The place was simply amazing. It deserves it’s own blog post. Please feel free to take me out there any time. My birthday is October 12, but I’m willing to celebrate it any day  you desire.