9:30 a.m.

I woke up in complete darkness. All is quiet except for the hum of the fish tank and fridge. I’m cold. I went to bed feeling quite warm so I left my windows open. I don’t like sleeping and sweating at the same time. I pull the thin blue blanket over me only to find that I’m still cold, but yet I’m still cozy. How is that possible? Mostly, I am too tired to get up to get another blanket. I think of rolling over, but again that would take energy. So I snuggle down into the soft cushions of the couch and go back to sleep. My dreams are full of running and exercising and taking pictures. It’s pretty much real life. I do those things, well, most of those things. I have run or exercised for awhile now, but that’s about to change. (Look for future posts about my new Crossfit adventure.)

6:23 p.m.

The day has been grey all day. I kind of like it. It matches the Nora Jones music I’m listening to. There’s just nothing like matching music to the weather, is there?

I took a nap this afternoon. I fell asleep listening to music from Lennox’s new web site. It was slightly louder than I would have preferred, but I couldn’t wake up enough to turn it down. I was dreaming that I went for a walk and the music was still loud. I was in a city, not little Sheridan. I kept looking around to figure out where it was coming from when I stopped in the middle of a street and said, “Is that music THAT loud in my head?” I couldn’t figure out how to turn it down. Later in my dream Lennox was in the room and I was trying to get him to help me, but all he would do is crawl around playing with a pink balloon cat. He pretty much ignored me. The cat was chasing a balloon mouse, of course.

This post was originally titled, “The Beginning of a Beautiful Thing”. I think I got off subject a little so I changed it.

I’d really like some hot chocolate right now. That and a quiet evening reading a book. I’d probably a photography book. That or Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Maybe both.

9:03 p.m.

No hot chocolate or book reading. Instead it was bean burritos and the season finale of Psych.

Up early to take Wanee to the airport. It has been good having her here. She is kind and she is wise. Every morning when I see her I think, “I want to grow  up to be like her one day.” She is peaceful and beautiful.

Just took my dog out to “use the facilities”. She’s freaked out by the rain. She’s seen the rain before and walked on wet grass, but it was earlier this year and she was so very young. So I have to drag her off the patio onto the grass where she bounces around trying not to get her feet wet. This is the same dog that will jump into the ditch out back when there’s water in it.

I just quickly looked over about 10,000 photos on my computer. It’s been quite the year. It seems as though it has gone by so very quickly.

There were the long months of working graveyard, going to college full time, and raising my children while getting the pneumonia more than once and the swine flu. There was the final closing of my esophagus and the surgery afterward, recovery, exercise, and a half marathon. A year ago I had a job I could count on along with some other provision. This year I have no surety of money, except for the fact that God is good. Which counts for a lot.

Whew! I have much to say, but it is late.

I will leave you of this image from the first photo adventure Joellen and I went on.