Thank you Erika for feeding my family last night. We all appreciate it so much. Oh, and thank you for the ride home.

My car is broken. It wouldn’t start yesterday. My friend, Angie, is letting me borrow her car today and tomorrow to get to school. Don’t know what to do after that. I have things that need to be done when you have a family. Groceries, kid stuff, general errands,  you know what I mean. Kelly’s mom is coming over on Saturday and I should have some food to add to what she is bringing. I don’t know how I’m going to fix my car.

Trust. Always trust.

The Bible says that we have not because we ask not. So, I will ask. It is said that He gives good gifts. I don’t know if I should just ask Him and then let it be or if I should tell others what my needs are. If I do am I being a beggar. If I don’t, am I being proud. I really don’t know.

I am behind in Japanese and web-design class. Funny thing, the teachers to those classes are married to each other and live here in Sheridan.

It’s go time. My Ireland is up. It’s time to wake the others, get dressed for school, pack my bag, and have a quick Bible reading and prayer time with the kids.

Ireland just asked, “Is it the morning? Why is it dark, mama?” Indeed, young one, we should all be sleeping!