Finals are over. I hope I did well.

I celebrated by sitting around in my sweats for an hour or so after the kids went to school. I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special, played several rounds of Angry Birds, and had a brownie for breakfast. Then I took a shower, got dressed, did my make up & hair, and laid down for a nap.

I woke up an hour later.

Ginger, my darling dog, and I went out for a walk in the pouring rain. She didn’t seem to mind so much. We walked to the vet to buy some flea treatment, then continued on to the railroad tracks on the edge of town. It amazes me that she loves to run in the ditches full of cold water, but cries when I give her a nice warm bath.

It’s the same concept with my kids concerning sleeping in. It’s like pulling teeth to get them out of bed on school days, but on the weekends they’re up at the same time or even earlier than on school days.

My dishes are done. My kids are in bed. The house is quiet except for the clicking of the keyboard.

I read my Bible earlier today and I plan on ending my day with some Bible reading, too. I’ve been watching tv shows on hulu. I don’t see anything wrong in doing that, but I’m wanting to put more time in the Word. Not for any lofty spiritual reason. I have only one reason. I want to know Him.

I want to be in awe of Him. Of the One who knows me so intimately and still loves me. The One who cleanses me time and time again and still loves me.

I won’t stop needing Him to clean me up. I’m just not able to stay clean or fix it up myself.

I used to think of myself as loyal, but I’m finding that my heart is so unfaithful. I once thought I was better than all those Israelites that kept forgetting how the great I Am loves them and rescued them time and time again.

I am not so different from them. In fact, I am just like them. And just like them, He calls me back to Him no matter what I’ve done.

He promises to never forsake us.

Even in our rebellion He waits for us so that He may be gracious. That’s what it says in Isaiah 30. He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on us. Blessed are those who wait on Him.

So. I will seek Him.

I will immerse myself in His word.

And. I will wait.