Ann over at A Holy Experience began to look at the gifts around her that God has given her. She decided to write them down. It changed her. I want that change, too. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my child about her ungrateful heart. It actually hurt me; I was so saddened by her attitude. As I was thinking about it later I realized that I am not a grateful person. I am not quick to express my thanks.

I want children who are grateful. I want my children to see how good God is. I realize that change must start with me. Not only with me, but in me.

So, a week ago I began to write down the things I’m grateful for. I’d like to write down at least one small thing a day.

1. Richard, my pastor. For his father’s heart toward me. He speaks truth and life to me. He knows my sin and loves me anyway.
2. The Oregon Rain- My soul has felt like a dried up river bed. Dead and cracked. His grace is like rain.
3. Laughter and silliness that us grown ups can exhibit. It makes the hard things easier.
4. Bop It! Only my 2 best friends and Jesus knew I wanted to get this game for my family. One of my kids got it as a gift from people who don’t know us.
5. Stormy, blustery  nights. It reminds me of the little shack I grew up in. You could feel the wind blow through the wall of my room and the rain would pour down one of my walls.
6. The Christmas tree. My kids wanted one, I didn’t have money for one. Some inmates at the local prison had heard we didn’t have a tree and they made it happen.
7. My warrior friend. She is a true warrior. She confirms and encourages me in my Mommyhood and battling for the souls of my children.
8. My sweet daughter Ireland brought me a letter of apology today after she had a bad attitude and yelled at me. I didn’t hear her yell at me. He repentant heart and my heart was tender toward her showed me a glimpse of what God must feel when we come to him in repentance.
9. Sage’s ears. He has the biggest, floppies, and most fun ears to play with!
10. Christopher’s leaps are amazing this year. I remember when I would worry about him not being able to leap. His leaps in the Nutcracker were amazing this year. (Pictures will be up soon.)
11. My friend who gifted me with some money to go towards gifting my children.

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