Continuing Gifts

12.  $100 cash gift from friends at church. Used for gas, gifts for kids, and a movie ticket.
13.  M&J. Scarves and gift cards for each of us. The 3 younger kids used their gift cards to buy gifts for one another while Christopher traded his for cash to buy pants at Ross. (Much needed pants, by the way.) I used mine on household stuff and food, of course.
14.  Had a $10 off coupon for Fashion Bug where they were having a sale on socks. I bought 8 pair of really nice socks for just over $12. 4 of those pair are knee highs!
15. Received another $100 cash gift! Might use that one for a membership that will get us into several museums such as OMSI and Evergreen.
16. The kids’ auntie and uncle gave them tickets to go see Narnia. We went on Christmas day.
17. We’ll be spending 4 days & 3 nights out at 5 Rock Ranch.
18. One dozen El Salvadorean tamales. I ate 1/3 of of them all on my own, but not all at once.
19. This one is more difficult for me, but we were given a food basket. It came with a HUGE bag of white turnips. Not really sure what to do with them.

One thought on “Continuing Gifts

  1. Ohhh we love turnips! Just slice them up and fry them like you would fried potatoes – I put in onions and garlic. It’s wonderful! You might find a new veggie your kids will love! :)

    Enjoyed reading!

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