You know, I learn something about myself every day. Wait, that’s not true. I should say that sometimes I learn things about myself and that I find that refreshing.

I had a great day yesterday. Was my house perfectly clean at the end of the day? Not even close. Do I have clean clothes for today? Not so much. I didn’t even sleep in my bed last night because my room was such a mess. Did I come upon a long forgotten stash of money? No. Sad, eh? I just woke up feeling good. What made a difference? Well, on Tuesday night I went to the Olive Garden with a group of people to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I almost didn’t go, but another friend of mine said she’d stay with my kids. I realized that the Olive Garden was relaxing and enjoyable for me because I knew that Christopher wasn’t home alone trying to deal with difficult children. I didn’t worry about hurrying to get back home. I was able to go out with adults and be totally at ease. I need more of those times. I sat there eating my soup, salad, and breadsticks while listening and watching people. I joked around a bit and took a few pictures. I enjoyed not talking! Ha!!! Can you believe it???

So, I think that just being able to relax on Tuesday evening made for a very good Wednesday.

It’s hard to find someone to watch my kids. I feel like I’m asking so much. Then I feel like I need to compensate them in some way. I don’t have the money to do that, so then how do I show them my appreciation? I could make them something or spend time with them if they’re the type to want to spend time with me.

I stayed up WAY too late last night and caved in the whole eating arena. I ate peanut butter and chocolate chips. Must get to bed long before midnight.

Here’s to a productive day.